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Adapting scale-up comms to stand out in a down market

Today’s economic landscape poses fresh hurdles for scale-ups. Once plentiful funding has been replaced by investor scrutiny and shrinking customer spending power.

An absence of a ready access to funding has not only impacted scale-up growth prospects, but taken away the primary catalyst for earned media coverage.

With fewer major financial milestones to attract media attention and prove commercial momentum, how can high-growth brands adapt their communications strategies to ensure continued awareness?

Our new comprehensive guide – The end of cheap money: how scale-up brands can adapt their comms to stand out in a tough market – explores the trends impacting scale-ups and provides actionable communications advice for fast-growth companies in challenging times.


  • The key media reporting trends and their impact
  • Considerations for effective comms during downturns
  • Strategies to build your brand and tell your story

Whether you're looking to raise awareness, attract investment, exit, or reach new audiences, this guide equips scale-ups with the insights needed to evolve narratives and stand out.

Brands2Life has been helping the scale-up brands transforming our world tell their stories for over 20 years, delivering commercial success for companies like Onfido, Darktrace and Pragmatic.


Learn how to stand out in an uncertain economy